Rock & Divine is created for the woman with a discerning eye, a taste for luxury and who is unapologetically herself.

Handcrafted in the heart of New York City, each piece is meticulously designed to be worn alone or stacked, allowing her the freedom to rock her edge.

Rock & Divine prides themselves on using ethically sourced precious metals & the finest hand-cut conflict-free natural diamonds.

New York City native Myles Schakler draws inspiration from the people in the city surrounding him, each person embracing their individuality. With a multifaceted career in the diamond industry, Myles spent the last 25+ years traveling the world selecting the most perfect diamonds for his private clients, leading diamond auctions & trading millions of carats of melee.  Throughout his diamond discoveries, Myles realized that a perfect diamond isn’t just perfect by cut/clarity/color standards but it’s one that is unique & truly one of a kind- one as intricate & divine as the person wearing it.

Myles’ passion & his desire to share these beautiful stones with others fueled the creation of Rock & Divine. With a vision to redefine your everyday classic, Myles hand selects each rare gem and brings to life jewelry designs that celebrate it’s uniqueness. Dedicated to a new definition for perfection, Myles’ collection continues to inspire women to celebrate their individuality and to rock their edge.